About WRKiiT

WRKiiT is a online fitness and wellness platform where high profile instructors host a webinars to train and spread awareness about the fitness to people and get the world moving on its own terms.


There are bunch of facilities which makes this platform unique like, customers can book the class of their owned choice time and topic they want to learn, directly chat with the instructors, get the real time notifications, receive and send Invitation to other customers and instructors.


Client: Wellness & Fitness Services

Category: Web-App Development

Technology: React.js, Redux, Node.js, HTML/CSS, Figma, UI/UX Development, Prototyping, Git

  • Built a desktop-like browser application.
  • Implemented complex UI components with React.
  • Created a REST APIs.
  • Design and UX/UI-friendly interface to provide smoother interactions.
  • Design the Email Template on Sendgrid.
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Logo Image