Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging: The Setrans Mobility Project

With its revolutionary SeTrans Mobility Project, Setrans Mobility Private Limited is beginning a ground-breaking adventure to revolutionize the electric
vehicle (EV) experience.

This project aims to address the most serious issues confronting EV customers while also providing a seamless and convenient charging option.



Empowering EV Adoption with Setrans Mobility Private Limited

Setrans Mobility Private Limited stands as a pioneer in fostering the adoption of electric vehicles, with a particular emphasis on 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers, encompassing scooters, motorcycles, autos, e-rickshaws, cars, material handling vehicles, and light trucks.

The company’s mission is quite clear: to provide practical solutions to the most formidable barriers that have held back the widespread acceptance of electric vehicles:

  1. Range Anxiety
    The persistent fear of an EV running out of battery power before reaching a charging station.
  2. Long Waiting Times
    Cumbersome queues at charging stations lead to significant downtime for EV owners.
  3. Battery Health
    The looming risk of fast charging damaging batteries due to harsh charging conditions and high power ratings.
  4. Battery Life
    The inherent limitation of EV batteries and the subsequent need for costly replacements.

In the face of these challenges, Setrans introduces a cutting-edge smartphone application offering two distinctive alternatives:

  • Mobile Charging Station (MCS): A novel approach involving a mobile service station equipped with charging facilities that come to you, eliminating the need for EV owners to visit a stationary charging station. We can also easily locate the charging van and book a visit for seamless power exchange.
  • Additional Range Battery (ARB): Through the mobile application, users can seamlessly book an additional battery to extend their EV’s range
    when needed.


The Backbone of Setrans Mobility: The ExhiByte Solution Team

We, as the ExhiByte Solution team, have been instrumental in the development and management of the backend system for the SeTrans Mobility Project. Our extensive responsibilities span a broad spectrum of tasks and technologies, demonstrating their commitment to driving innovation in the electric vehicle sector. This project demanded the integration of React JS and Node.js and moved Auth0 to AWS Cognito for a role-based CRM system.



Our microservice architecture, which integrates Web Socket for charger communication and MQTT for better control of the charger through websocket messaging and batteries, is the first of its kind for effective IoT data and services. We also had to handle the administration of the Control Management System (CMS) server deployment transition, API and cron service management, and IoT data management from batteries and chargers.


The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging with Setrans Mobility

The Setrans Mobility Project exemplifies the transformative power of innovative technology solutions in transforming the charging landscape for electric vehicles. Its primary aim is to offer EV owners a hassle-free, efficient charging experience, effectively addressing adoption barriers for electric vehicles.

Setrans Mobility Private Limited is unquestionably positioned to lead the charge in electric vehicle mobility, thanks to the unshakable dedication of our ExhiByte Solution team and the advanced technology stack at its disposal.


The Search for Convenient Electric Vehicle Charging

The future of transportation is looking more sustainable and cleaner, and electric vehicles, or EVs, are heralding this change. They pledge to cut operating expenses, emissions, and dependency on fossil fuels. However, there are obstacles in the way of a broad adoption of EVs. Among these challenges, problems with battery management and the infrastructure supporting charging are crucial.

With their SeTrans Mobility Project, Setrans Mobility Private Limited has stepped up to address these issues head-on in this changing environment. With this massive project, we hope to transform the way we think about EV charging and provide EV owners with a more effective and seamless experience.


The Vision Behind Setrans Mobility Private Limited

Setrans Mobility is striving to increase public acceptance of a wide variety of electric vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, scooters, and more.

The business is aware of how important EVs are to cutting carbon emissions and slowing down environmental deterioration. It does acknowledge, though, that a number of obstacles have prevented electric vehicles from being widely accepted.

  • Overcoming Range Anxiety

    Range anxiety is a significant concern for many potential EV buyers. It’s the fear of running out of battery power before reaching a charging station. Setrans Mobility Private Limited has tackled this issue by introducing innovative solutions that extend the effective range of EVs.

    They do this through their unique “Additional Range Battery” (ARB) service, which allows users to book extra batteries to keep their EVs running without anxiety about range limitations.

  • Eliminating Long Waiting Times

    Long waiting times at crowded charging stations can be a deterrent for EV owners. Setrans Mobility Private Limited has found a way to alleviate this problem through its “Mobile Charging Station” (MCS) concept.

    This mobile charging station comes to the EV owner, eliminating the need for them to visit a fixed charging point and endure lengthy queues. The MCS provides flexibility and convenience, minimizing downtime for EV users.

    With the Setrans app, one can easily book their doorstep slot through an easy charging slot booking functionality.

  • Protecting Battery Health and Prolonging Battery Life

    Battery health and lifespan are critical considerations for EV owners. Fast charging has the potential to damage batteries, necessitating costly replacements. Setrans Mobility Private Limited is dedicated to protecting battery health with advanced technologies.

    They ensure that fast charging is done responsibly by implementing cutting-edge solutions for charger communication and battery management, thereby extending the life of EV batteries.


The ExhiByte Solution Team: Driving Innovation

Behind the success of the SeTrans Mobility Project is our dedicated and highly skilled ExhiByte Solution team.

Our pivotal role in the development and management of the backend system has been instrumental in shaping the project’s success. Let’s delve into the key responsibilities and the technologies our team employs to bring the project to life:

Implementing Cutting-edge Technologies

Our ExhiByte Solution team leverages a comprehensive technology stack to ensure the smooth functioning of the SeTrans Mobility Project. This includes:

  • React JS and Node.js Integration: We have seamlessly integrated React JS for building user interfaces and Node.js for the backend, creating a cohesive and responsive system.
  • MQTT Service: To enable seamless device communication, the team has implemented the MQTT service, ensuring that all components of the system can interact effectively.
  • Web Socket Integration: Charger communication with the server is achieved through Web Sockets, enabling real-time control and monitoring of charging activities.
  • Government Registration APIs: To streamline government registration processes, the team has developed Node services, making it easier for users to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • API and Cron Service Management: To automate critical processes, the team has created and managed APIs and cron services, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Server and Deployment Management: Our ExhiByte Solution team handles the deployment of the SeTrans Mobility Project. We initially deployed the system on Azure, later transitioning to AWS EC2 app servers, with deployment facilitated through Git actions for enhanced efficiency.
  • Database Management: The team is responsible for setting up and managing AWS EC2 DB servers, ensuring the reliability and accessibility of the databases.
  • Admin Panel Operations: The efficient operation of the admin panel, which is essential for system monitoring and management, falls under the team’s responsibilities.
  • IoT Data Management: As IoT data is crucial to the functioning of the SeTrans Mobility Project, the ExhiByte Solution team takes charge of managing data from batteries and chargers, ensuring that this data is utilized effectively to enhance the user experience.



Powering the Future with Advanced Technology

The success of the SeTrans Mobility Project is attributed to a technology stack that is at the forefront of innovation. This stack includes:

  • React JS
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • PostgreSQL and InnoDB
  • Cassandra DB
  • MQTT
  • AWS Cognito
  • AWS EC2


Driving the EV Revolution with Setrans Mobility

The SeTrans Mobility Project symbolizes the remarkable potential of innovative technology solutions in reshaping the landscape of electric vehicle charging. Its core objective is to provide EV users with a convenient, efficient, and worry-free charging experience, effectively addressing the pain points that have hindered the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

In a world where sustainability is of paramount importance, the work of Setrans Mobility Private Limited and our ExhiByte Solution team is pivotal in making electric vehicles more accessible and convenient for consumers. As they lead the charge in electric vehicle mobility, their innovative solutions are poised to transform the way we think about transportation and environmental responsibility.


Pioneering a New Era of Electric Vehicle Mobility

The Setrans Mobility Project, driven by Setrans Mobility Private Limited and powered by our ExhiByte Solution team, is a shining example of how technology and innovation can reshape an entire industry. By addressing the core concerns of electric vehicle users and providing practical, user-friendly solutions, they are taking electric vehicle mobility to new heights.

In an era where sustainability and environmental responsibility are paramount, the success of initiatives like the SeTrans Mobility Project is essential. It not only makes electric vehicles more accessible and appealing but also contributes to reducing our carbon footprint and building a more sustainable future.