How Did We Come Up!

A 2 years ago we didn’t exist and earlier we were working together as a seasonal developer and then two ladies came together to shaking up the product building industry with unique business models.

To make this possible we’ve brought together a diverse team of individuals passionate about computing, history, art, alternative programming languages. Today, we are growing faster than ever across offices in Surat, Gujarat, India 🇮🇳

We are a passionate agile team with strong Software development experience and specifically at product and Web-App development. We work hard, we have fun, and we think big. We are as diverse as we are interesting.


Our Long-Term Goal!

We believe that every situation, every challenge is an opportunity to test our capability for joy. Our capability to connect with something bigger and hence our biggest motto is to be the high performance organization on the earth, by Leading the technology innovation and commercialization in India and at the global level to consistently achieve cutting-edge innovation, profitable growth and sustained new business generation.

How We Treat Our People!

Business just doesn’t grow with ideas and strategies, the substantial aspect of any business that helps in growing is “Team”.

At ExhiByte we listen to our people ultimately and continues change is what the good quality of the team and that make us unique because we keep asking a good questions which create a psychological safety for them.

We set a goal and ensure employees understand goals, duties, and roles individuals play in achieving them, Reward them for their meritorious deeds, Creating a new opproaches and giving them to try new tricks, techniques, and ideas. This is how we empower them and unite the team by doing a fun activities and group sessions.


Our values

are more than just words they define us

We stay positive, work together and share our successes. Our clients are part of the team.

We keep things simple and open, even if that means being different. Making things complicated is easy.

We’re always learning and are never complacent. We strive to do e-commerce like no-one else.

We’re calm in a crisis. We use grit and know-how to get the job done. We don’t sweat the small stuff.