About Wopta

Wopta Assicurazioni is the first Italian phygital insurtech which, thanks to a digital platform and a network of collaborators throughout the country, was created to protect artisans, businesses and professionals from everyday risks. 


Client: Insurance 

Category: Web Development

Technology: Next JS, Typescript, React.js, Tailwind CSS, HTML/CSS, UI/UX Development, Git

  • Developed a robust Web App
  • Created a react components for various features
  • Responsive web design
Logo Image
Logo Image

ExhiByte Solutions proficiently engineered a robust browser application with a desktop-like feel, harnessing our expertise in Next.js. Through the skillful integration of diverse UI components, we meticulously crafted an interface that excels in both aesthetics and user experience.

Our unwavering focus on design and UX/UI principles is a testament to our commitment to ensuring fluid, intuitive interactions within the application, ultimately elevating its overall usability.