About UnitedLex

UnitedLex is a data and professional services company delivering outcomes that create value for high-performing law firms and corporate legal departments in the areas of digital litigation, intellectual property, contracts, compliance, and legal operations. UnitedLex was founded in 2006 with a mission to push the boundaries of legal innovation. Today, we work closely with legal and business leaders to embrace a transformational, data-centric approach that empowers organizations to grow and build competitive advantage. 


Client: Legal Services 

Category: Web Development

Technology: React(Redux), Contentful, Gatsby 

  • Created a react components for various features
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We provided a comprehensive solution by developing dynamic React components using the Gatsby framework and integrating Contentful for the seamless creation of slick sliders, modals, and various other client-specific sections on the website.

Our services extended to include custom-tailored content management, ensuring a polished and highly interactive user experience.