About SeTrans

SeTrans Mobility Private Limited Enables Electric Vehicle with Smart Energy Management for the category of 2-Wheeler such as scooter & motorcycle, 3-Wheeler such as Auto & E Rickshaw and 4-Wheeler such as Car, Material handling vehicles and Light Trucks.
We provide solutions for intrigued consumers to solve major EV issues like,


  • Range Anxiety
  • Extreme waiting hours while recharging battery
  • Fast charging outlets damaging the batteries due to harsh charging conditions and ratings
  • Battery short life & Repeat CAPEX

SeTrans is a smartphone application that allows you to reserve a charging place for your electric vehicle in advance, with two alternatives such as,

MSC: Mobile Service Station where the big vehicle with the charging facility come to you to make your vehicle charge.
ARB: Additional range battery, where you may book a battery to rent via mobile application.

Client : Smart Electric Transformation

Category : Web App development

Technology : React JS, NodeJS, express, firebase notifier for sendig app notification, Websocket, PostgreSQL, InnoDB, Cassandra DB, MQTT Broker Connection, MQTT over websocket, AWS Cognito , AWS ec2 , AWS SMTP service

  • React Js Role based crm with node js service integration
  • Created a micro-service architecture for the IoT data and backend services
  • Web Socket connection for chargers to communicate to server and control chargers through Web Socket messaging
  • Web Socket and MQTT connection between all microservices to sync DB with IoT data
  • GOV registration APIs Node service
  • Created and managed APIS, Corn services for automated processing
  • Changes Azure to AWS EC2 app-server and deploy all services using git actions
  • AWS EC2 DB server for Postgresql and MySQL DB
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Over a span of approximately 1.5 years, ExhiByte Solutions undertook a multifaceted role, significantly contributing to the successful development of various critical components. Our journey involved several noteworthy achievements, including the creation of a versatile, role-based CRM system using React.js, thoughtfully integrated with Node.js services. Notably, we transitioned from Auth0 to AWS Cognito for authentication, enhancing the platform’s security and access control.

Architecting a robust microservice infrastructure was another hallmark of our involvement, allowing us to efficiently manage IoT data and backend services while promoting scalability.

Our proficiency extended to integrating the primary Postgres database, and streamlining data transfer and synchronization.

In terms of server operations and deployments, we adeptly managed resources and deployments using both Azure and AWS, with a transition to AWS EC2 app servers and an efficient deployment process via Git Actions.

We also operated an AWS EC2 DB server to support Postgresql and MySQL databases, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

Moreover, we diligently oversaw the administration panel’s operations, adding to the comprehensive suite of services we provided. Our dedicated efforts in managing IoT data streams from batteries and chargers were instrumental in ensuring a streamlined and efficient data flow.

Collectively, our extensive and versatile contributions were instrumental in driving the project’s overall success, underscoring our capacity to tackle multifaceted challenges and deliver exceptional outcomes.