About ELEVATE Tool

This tool has been uniquely crafted to cater specifically to electric vehicle (EV) users, offering comprehensive statistical insights based on user-provided inputs. Its primary objective is to provide an intuitive user interface while generating a range of output formats, including graphs, HTML files, and images.


Previously, the Elevate tool was available as a desktop application. However, recognizing the evolving needs of users, we have transitioned to a web-based version. This transition enables individuals to conveniently log in, conduct analysis, and make predictions regarding future scenarios.


Client: Think Tanks

Category: Web development

Technology: Python, React js, AWS

  • Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Frontend Code refactoration
  • Design & UX
  • Hosting
  • AWS - Instance
  • Load-Balancer and S3 Bucket
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We have introduced an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) with a focus on user engagement, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience when inputting statistical data to produce results. The primary aim of this tool is to safeguard communities and natural ecosystems against the adverse impacts of greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously fostering opportunities for individuals through the facilitation of a global shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Our team has diligently harnessed Lean and Agile methodologies to bring this innovative software to fruition, consistently staying at the forefront of technological advancements.
We are committed to ongoing development and are actively working on introducing additional features such as a booking functionality and expedited result generation, among other enhancements.