About Consulgest

Consulgest Italia is a company that deals with credit management and recovery for banks and consumer credit finance companies in Italy. Obtaining and improving the results expected by customers, increasing the well-being and value of the people involved in all processes and activities is the company’s mission, the motivation that drives every day all those who are part of this large team to give their best in their work to achieve the set goal.  


Client: Finance Service  

Category: Web Development

Technology: Vue 3 typescript, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, HTML/CSS, Daisyui, Git, Axios, Chart.js, vee-validate, Storybook 


  • Developed a robust Web App
  • Created a Vue components for various features
  • Responsive web design
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Logo Image


ExhiByte Solutions constructed a browser application that emulates a desktop experience, harnessing the power of Vue.js, @headlessui/Vue, and Tailwind CSS, while meticulously utilizing Storybook.
Our commitment to design and UX/UI excellence is evident in the thoughtfully crafted interface, ensuring exceptionally smooth interactions and a user-friendly experience.