About AtriLabs:


The Atri framework is a comprehensive web development platform designed for building Progressive Web Apps, and it extends beyond the realm of JavaScript, supporting various languages like Python and, soon, NodeJS. Developers are relieved from the task of manually creating and documenting REST APIs, as they can rely on the object model as a centralized source of truth, which not only simplifies development but also helps in minimizing compliance breaches and offers additional advantages.


Client: Low-Code platform for Progressive web app development

Category: Web App development

Technology: React with TypeScript, Webpack, ANT Design, Redux, Python

  • Developed visual editor components with ANT Design integration.
  • Enabled style attribute support for components.
  • Managed function callbacks.
  • Implemented CSS minimization in webpack using css-minimizer-webpack-plugin.
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The client sought a solution that involved creating new visual editor components seamlessly integrated with ANT Design. They needed these components to support style attributes and handle callbacks for various functions. Additionally, the client required an optimization to minimize the build using the css-minimizer-webpack-plugin within their webpack configuration.

The challenge was to provide a cohesive and efficient system that met these specific needs while maintaining a high level of functionality and user-friendliness.
ExhiByte passionately dedicated their expertise to developing the requested solution, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Their work on this project showcases a remarkable blend of technical proficiency and creative problem-solving, resulting in a solution that not only meets the client’s needs but also sets new standards for efficiency and quality in web development.