About Synmax

SynMax is an innovative data analytics company dedicated to providing actionable intelligence to its customers and bringing transparency to traditionally opaque industries. Achieved by combining the objective proof afforded by satellite imagery with the scalability of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Synmax is set apart from its competitors by providing the ground truth behind the data.


Client: Legal Services 

Category: Web Development

Technology: React with TypeScript, Node.js, LeafLet Map, Chart.js

  • Developed a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Integrated various data sets to populate the UI.
  • Focused on effective data representation as a primary feature.
  • Implemented robust search functionality to facilitate access to satellite data.


ExhiByte skillfully engineered an entire dashboard, encompassing diverse datasets within the user interface. The central focus of this project was on crafting exceptional features for data representation and efficient search functionality, designed to showcase satellite data seamlessly.