About GameHers

The GameHers is one of the first and largest media platforms, social networking communities, and lifestyle brands for women who game and work in the gaming industry. It’s an app to provide a safe space to female where women gamers can meet and interact with other gamers and build a network via in-app chat.

The GamerHers mobile app is build on React Native technology and we were responsible to developer the admin panel. Building an administration panel if one of the challenging and crucial part of the successful app as it will not be used by any end user but frequently used by the admin of the mobile app hence we have to provide a flowless user friendly.

Client : Gaming
Category : Frontent Web Development

Technology : AWS Incognito, React with Redux State Container, ANT Design.

Services :
  • Frontend development
  • Design & UX
  • Authentication through AWS incognito
  • Data validation

The purpose was to operate all the modules of the app and web platform such as settings, content, features, all sorts of users, Sales report and many more. We served the best quality based outcome which you can say as a well designed solution. The admin panel was having a,

  1. Neat and Clean Interface
  2. Consistent UI & UX
  3. Quick action through hot keys
  4. Tooltips, hover effect and pagination to see a thousands of data in formatted structure
  5. Easy Search and Export facility