About Cryptorypto

Cryptorypto helps investors to find a most profitable deal and save the lot of time. They compare the different ratings of tokens such as ICO, IDO and IEO.
The goal is to tell potential investors accurately about the exchanges and top listed tokens as they are experts in the cryptocurrency sector.

Client : Digital Currency and Finance
Category :Website Development

Technology :WordPress, PHP, Coin Payment Gateway

Services :
  • Development
  • Prototyping
  • Designing & UX
  • Content Management
  • API Integration
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Hosting

When they approached us they had been in operation without having a brand identity and messy website, and it was roadblock for them to manage and grow their online presence. We took a sensitive approach to the brief while creating their brand new website with new identity.

And the result is a new, contemporary, brand aligned website which showcase the strength of the Cryptorypto and how slick user experience is goanna land a new clients and increase the conversation ratio.

it’s management tool for the Setrans app owner. Depending on the capacity of admin console, they can execute any control function – from setting up user permissions, keeping track of new sign ups and active users to managing content, checking browse stats, sending notifications, check the live bookings and payment history etc.

Admin panel is created using Minimal UI which provides a plenty of ready to use React components.